Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wood Stove

With winter and colder temperatures coming our way we were anxious to get our new wood stove fired up.  However, since we did not have a chimney suitable for burning wood we had a lot of work to do to hook it up.

The first step was to install the floor box which makes the transition from the stove pipe to what will become the new chimney.

Cutting the Hole in the Floor
Floor Box in Place

With the floor box in place the next step was to erect the chimney. This part of the project was very daunting because we had to penetrate the roof but we were very lucky to have a friend (thank you, Brian!!) volunteer to help us out with an extra set of hands.

The chimney pieces start from the floor box
and stack on top of each other very easily.  
The hole cut into the roof....
No turning back now!

Finishing Touches
Oh hello there.

With the chimney complete the final step was to connect the wood stove to the chimney with stove pipe.  This was by far the most frustrating part of this project because the parts were ordered the same time as the chimney but it took an extra two months to finally get the pipe.  When it finally did arrive we assumed installing the pipe would be quick and easy but it took us all of a minute to find out we were very wrong.  The parts were very difficult to connect together and it took a long time get the angled section of pipe lined up to where we wanted to stove to be.  It finally did all come together and it looks really great in the space.

The Stove Pipe Installed
The Ceremonial First Lighting
(We Made Sure The Fire Extinguisher Was Close By)

Burn Baby Burn!

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