Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wall Tile

One of the few wall surfaces that isn't tiled on our second floor is the low partition next to the steps.  It really didn't look too good as it was and since we are installing our new wood stove in front of it we decided we might as well tile it too.

Before Photo
For the tile we decided to use a combination of 3x6 slate tile and reclaimed slate roof shingles we got from a friend of ours.  (Thanks Samir!)  After laying out the tile the we wanted it on the floor we found that the roof shingles were all slightly different which made the joints between them look a little odd.  To remedy this problem we decided to use some of the same penny tile that is installed on the floor as an accent band between the roof shingles to hide the variation.

Jen installing the penny tile

Post-Grout, Pre-Cleaning.  We went through a lot of grout because of the texture and uneven tile depth.


The wood stove back in place.  Now we have to get this guy hooked up before winter comes!

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