Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kitchen Shelves

The recessed shelving in the kitchen has been an eye sore ever since we moved in. For the most part we liked what had been finished before we started so instead of ripping it all out and starting over we went about improving on what was already installed.

The shelves that were in place were thin unfinished wooden slats that do not look very good and were not very practical.

Before Shot... Bleh
So away went the slats.  To replace them we decided to put in 1/2" plywood with a birch veneer.  We left the wooden dowels and wood tack strips in place and painted them to give them a more finished look.

New Shelves in,
touching up with paint
Business Casual Attire -
Perfect for standing on a counter and
removing wood tack strips

After we finished painting we installed new wood trim around the perimeter of the shelves.  For the trim we ripped down lengths of reclaimed oak T&G flooring (another thank you to Vienna and Harold Harr!) and applied a polyurethane finish.  With the trim in place we began filling in the areas missing tile with new matching tiles left to us from the previous owners.

Planning ahead


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