Monday, September 23, 2013

Ladder Pot Rack

We were lucky enough to get hold of an antique wood ladder (Special thanks to Harold and Vienna Harr for letting us dig through their old barn and take this beautiful piece) and decided the best application for it would be as a hanging pot rack in our kitchen.  

After cleaning and sanding down the ladder a bit we applied a single coat of an off-white Milk Paint to help maintain its aged look.  After the paint dried we then used a fine grit sand paper to expose some of the grain and reinforce the look of wear and tear.

Milk Paint
First Coat Finished!

To hang the ladder we used a pair of antique pulleys once used on the farm Jen's family owned. (we'll try to find out more details)  We also found a surplus of old meat hooks, also used on the farm, which work perfectly as the actual pot hangers.

We used Steel Wool to knock off old rust and
grime from the  Pulleys and Meat Hooks
Installing Eye Hooks in the Beam
Preparing to Erect

Done and Done!


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