Sunday, December 15, 2013

Another Ladder and Light Fixtures

With the wood stove finished up it we could now enclose the chase and chimney on the third floor.  Since we knew after the chase was enclosed the stair way would feel darker and less open we also decided to incorporate a decorative beam and some additional lighting at the stair.

More Framing
Jen Preparing to Slide in a
Decorative Wood Beam
The beam dowels into the wall on the left with a piece
of rebar and is attached to the studs on the right.

The Beam and Light Fixtures in Place
Wood Ladder/Jewelry Rack
(Another Thanks to Harold & Vienna Harr)

Close up of Beam and the Steampunk Light Fixtures.  We Found These Beauties on Ebay

Completed Drywall.  The Hole Above the
Ductwork is for an Access Panel