Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tin Ceiling Completion

After months and months of scraping and stripping the original paint, planning and laying out our design, installing the furring strips, cutting the tiles to size, applying the fresh coat of paint and finally installing the tiles, at long last the tin ceiling is finished!  This project has been by far our most ambitious, labor intensive and time consuming project to date but we are thrilled with the results.  The ceiling does not look perfect by any means due to the reclaimed nature of the tiles, but we think all of the imperfections add to the already distinctive character of the house.  Needless to say we are excited to move onto other fun and exciting projects!

The Filler Pieces Went up First

Nailing up the Final Piece!!!

We Love how the Copper Color Looks with The Barn Doors

Close Up View of the Lights with the More Intricate Tiles

The Copper Paint Shimmers in the Morning Light

Panaramic View From the Floor

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  1. Hi!!!!

    Loving your warehouse conversion. Im really inspired. Were you able to get a conventional residential loan for your house or did you go all cash in because of the zoning (or any other reason)?