Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ceiling Progress, New Kitchen Lighting

When we originally had the idea of installing a tin ceiling I think we both have to admit we had no idea how much work it would take.  So much time has gone into stripping and cleaning off the old paint and rust to get them ready for paint that motivation to keep going has been hard to come by.  As I write this we are about half way through scraping and cleaning all of the tiles we need, but on a more exciting note we have installed our first tiles!  The good news is that for how hard it has been to get the tiles ready to install it has been just as easy to install them.  Big thanks to Joe and Kate Horan for lending us their nail gun and thanks to Brian Navitsky for the install help.  

Furring Strips in Place
The Tiles and Light are in!


In other news, we just recently stumbled across some light pendants in a local shop which specializes in the resale of salvaged building and art materials that were too perfect for us to pass up.  Not only were they affordable, but they just happened to be the perfect shade of yellow and they had the exact quantity we needed for our kitchen!  

View from the Bathroom Door
View from high Up

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