Monday, June 10, 2013

3rd Floor Electrical Work

Before we started, there were only 2 ceiling lights and one quad outlet on the entire 3rd floor. To make things worse, the switch for the lights was located at the bottom of the steps which meant before going to bed at night you would have to climb up the steps in the dark after switching off the lights.  Needless to say we decided we were better off removing the old stuff and starting over.  

The existing lights and ceiling conduit
Some shoddy lookin wiring

 Conveniently there is a sub panel on the 3rd floor which makes installing new electrical devices much less complicated.  Since all of the exterior walls are solid masonry and there isn't a plenum space above the existing ceiling, all of the new wiring had to be installed in metal conduit. However, we thought this was just fine because the conduit would would only add to the overall industrial decor of the space already afforded by the exposed duct work and sprinkler pipes.

Jen Installing a Run of Conduit
Greg Installing a Junction Box

  We decided to layout the lighting for the floor with a dedicated control for a ceiling fan, a switch for general lighting, and a switch for a light over our wardrobes.  Additionally, 2 three-way switches would control another run of the same mason jar stair lights we installed on the floor below and a new light at the top of the stairs.

Installing the Ceiling Fan Junction Box
The Finished Ceiling Fan

We chose a simple black ceiling fan which was meant to be installed in a large barn or commercial space.  The hardware it shipped with was meant for attaching the fan to a bar joist, and we made it work by attaching a large metal hook attached to one of the rafters instead.

Light Switches and Conduit Bends

Fan Controls and more Conduit Bends

We found this beauty at the Brooklyn Flee Market.  It's just temporary
in this location as we're planning on crafting a light out of old
barbed wire for this location.  Stay tuned...

More Mason Jar Lights!

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