Sunday, March 31, 2013


We have been steadily collecting pallets over the past few weeks so we could use the wood to enclose the main supply air trunk for the hvac system.  Finding the pallets was very easy.  The biggest challenge was dismantling them into separate pieces, and with a heavy dose of saw-zalls, hammers,crowbars and elbow grease we got the job done.  

There was a lot of this...
And a lot of this...
After we had a nice stock of wood boards we scrubbed them down with soap and bleach to kill off any bacteria and wash away the dirt and grime that had accumulated during their lifetime as pallets.

Pallet Remains
The fruits of our labor

Installing the boards in place was very rewarding because the pieces went up pretty quickly.  To cut around the duct Greg used a compass from studio class to match the diameter of the duct.  So far so good!

Lookin' Good

Jen Planning Ahead

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