Thursday, February 14, 2013

Exterior Lighting

A definite priority on our to do list for the house was some exterior lighting along Dakota Street.

We chose a barn style goose-neck light for the fixture next to the front door.  Drilling through our approximately 16" thick exterior walls proved to be an adventure as we didn't have a drill bit long enough.  We had to drill from one end, measure, then try to match that whole from the other side.  Lots of trial and error and an interesting use of a twisted tomato support post from our old garden but we got it!
Hammer Drill!
It was freezing that day.
Finished Product

We also installed a motion light which isn't as exciting, but we are really happy with it.

More drilling!
Miles supervising.

After we figured out where we wanted the lights, we had to wire them.  It was our first attempt at working with metal conduit and unlike all our previous experiences in wiring (not much) where all details can be hidden behind drywall, everything is exposed in this house!  Lots of planning, but it went pretty smoothly.  It was good practice for the 3rd floor where there will be much more to come.

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